2018 Conference

The Accademia Italiana Osteopatia Tradizionale (AIOT) is delighted to invite you to the fifth edition of the International Conference of Osteopathic Medicine.

Following the focus given on osteopathic treatment in different clinical areas during the previous editions, main topic for 2018 will be the fundamental principle of our profession, the Somatic Dysfunction.

In light of the possibility of osteopathic recognition in Italy, it is essential to concentrate on the real meaning of one of the main concept that characterized our profession.

Supported by results of the latest clinical studies, knowledge on somatic dysfunctions should be better codified and shared within the osteopathic community. An effective debate needs to be led on semiotics, diagnosis, aetiology and prognosis, basic elements of a “health profession”.

From a biological and pathogenetic point of view, this knowledge is required to define the role of somatic dysfunction on individual “Health”.

Objective of the conference will be to satisfy the necessity of a common and shared language for the osteopathic community.

During the conference, on account of the most recent scientific results, Italian and International speakers will expand knowledge on somatic dysfunction highlighting its mechanisms of action.

Conference attendees will have the chance to benefit from educational sessions, practical workshops, oral and poster presentations, chosen from abstracts sent previously.

Relying on the most meaningful participation of many interested on this important moment of scientific discussion, we are looking forward welcoming you in Pescara.

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