Organizing and Scientific Committee

General Chairperson

Vincenzo Cozzolino (Director of AIOT Clinic, Italy)

Vice Chairperson

Gina Barlafante (Director AIOT, Italy)

Steering Committee

  • Marco Verzella (AIOT Research Department, Italy)
  • Luca Cicchitti (AIOT Research Department, Italy)
  • Cinzia Renzetti (AIOT Didactic Department Director, Italy)

Scientific Program Coordinator

Marco Verzella (AIOT Research Department, Italy)

Scientific Board

  • Gina Barlafante (AIOT, Italy)
  • Andrea Bergna (SOMA, AISO Italy)
  • Francesca Capozucco (AIOT, Italy)
  • Lucia Cardinali (AIOT, Italy)
  • Luca Cicchitti (AIOT, Italy)
  • Vincenzo Cozzolino (AIOT, Italy)
  • Giandomenico D'Alessandro (AIOT, Italy)
  • Luca Di Pietrantonio (AIOT, Italy)
  • Wilfrid J√§nig (University Kiel, Germany)
  • Christian Lunghi (COME Coll. Italy)
  • Flavio Quaglietta (AIOT, Italy)
  • Cinzia Renzetti (AIOT, Italy)
  • Luca Vismara (SOMA, Manima, Italy)

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